Some of L.A.’s finest writers have come together to form Punk Hostage Press, delivering to you extremely progressive, underground literature and vivid poetry in the romantic but dangerous tradition of the Beats and Bukowski. They have already convened a killer line-up of some of the punk era survivor’s most cutting edge writers, like founders Iris Berry and A Razor, along with Yvonne De La Vega, and Danny Baker, who all will be imminently releasing books by this forward-leaning new publishing company. Iris is a hypnotic, old-school, Hollywood punk rocker, perhaps best known for her notorious L.A. bands, the Lame Flames and the Ringling Sisters, but she is also a movie actress, a community organizer, and an intensely gifted writer. Most recently, she was featured in the glossy coffee-table literary mag, “Slake”, interviewing “L.A. Free Press” founder, Art Kunkin. Her essential book, “Daughters Of Bastards” is a cinematic mixture of autobiographical…

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New Exhibition @ Ikon: 2011 New Works January 12 – March 19, 2011

Ikon Ltd.
Bergamot Station, Gallery G4
2525 Michigan Ave.

Works by John Baldessari, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Mel Ramos, Jean Dubuffet, Louise Bourgeois, Harland Miller, Tracy Nakayama and Ed Ruscha.

2011 New Works

January 08, 2011 – March 19, 2011

Andy Warhol
Mick Jagger (F&S 144)

43 1/2 x 29 inches
Screenprint on Arches Aquarelle rough paper
Signed by Warhol and Jagger
Edition of 250

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Andy Warhol Untitled (Cat) | 8 7/8 x 5 7/8 inches | from The series was called | | offset lithograph with watercolor | edition of 190

Full Body Naked Scanner

Poem in response to report:
– Pilot walks off job after refusing to go through full body X-ray scanner at airport By Daily Mail Reporter

this is what your body looks like when on check        ewe.

Full Body Naked Scanner

by Yvonne de la Vega

A Samurai,
Neil Armstrong
a Jedi Knight
and Tony Robbins

were all directed
toward the gate each
ordered to step
through the
naked body scan
strip his self of every
before he entered to
grasp the steering wheel
of one thousand lives

the lives of his family
his ancestry
his indigene
the lives of countrymen
country women
children and diplomats.
the lives of a graduating class on their
study of the Nation’s Capitol
the life of a mother
her carry-on
of unconditional love
a beautiful daughter in
all of her romantic sighs
a beloved son
in his life’s journey’s start.

The lofty attendant in airport security.

Iron gilded in silver and nano
shadows of bureaucratic disrespect
lofty attendants
collecting Bic lighters
and eyeballing fluid ounces
have the sway of a social worker
meets rent a cop
today they have the power
tonight they serve
that enchilada casserole
they made once and 
now every Thursday
the monotony like
the sound of a metronome
a loud second hand
a casserole pan
a Sam I am
in the frying pan
a ringing phone
a television
and the smell of
that enchilada casserole.

Our lifetime achieving
heroic statures of
our good and our gallant

A Samurai
Neil Armstrong
a Jedi Knight
and Tony Robbins.

the lives they must host
in their hands and in their emails
in their hands and in their care
as they propel across the skies

heaven to heaven
to the throne of God
and back
taking the dreamers
to thier destinies
as destinations web across imaginations
such wondrous possibilities abound
due to the diligence
in honor and in
ultimate responsibility

the arena is waiting for them to strip

The Samurai’s face says nothing

Neil, searches for his flight pass

Skywalker calculates.
the force of course
is with him as he calculates
what effect the scanner may have
upon his light saber
that he will not
must never
lay vulnerable.

and Tony
smiles understandingly
the affirmations
the affirmations
the absolute positive affirmations


the Samurai
is ordered by the attendants to proceed in his gallantry and heroics but only after the naked scanner body search


the attendants were all beheaded.

Hen House Studios curates a raucous Friday night of poetry and music.

Venice Beach independent record label Hen House Studios curates a raucous night of poetry and music celebrating some of the most original voices in Los Angeles. Hen House brings you, as always, an eclectic and genre-bending lineup of performers recorded live for a wild ride in improvisational music and verse.

Be prepared for surprise special poets/musicians/visionaries! Hen House Studios is proud to feature collaborations, improvisations and new material from Michael C Ford, Rich Ferguson, Baba Alade, Yvonne del la Vega, Ellyn Maybe, Jaimes Palacio, Eve Brandstein and Rex Weiner as well as many more special guests.

The event will take place Friday, October 22nd 2010 at 7:30pm and will be held at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center at 681 Venice Blvd in Venice Beach. Tickets are $7, $5 for Students, Seniors and Children, free for Members with free pa

Yvonne de la Vega dot com uh huh

I believe you need one. Everyone needs a dot com. I mean us, the writers. We have books, events and …needs.  And a dot com is one of them.

Granted, I do feel more at ease over here at my “WordPress blurb blog”. The page is white, the header is a quiet forest green. The hearts are bulbous and a light fairy blue. My “WordPress blog blog”  is a different sight than this one here, where I list all the different news articles or events I come across to share.

My dot com is laid out in satin black pages. I am a naked torso,  haunted by a naked Jim Morrison as Ray Manzarek watches, jeering and cheering us on. I am a naked torso looking out into the world with pleading eyes that say, “So, are you hip to poetry …boy?” Well then handsome…  sit right down right here next to Yvonne de la Vega,  and let me tell you about my new book.

Satin black pages with big red glowing Chopin Script font in a swoosh that reads Yvonnnnne de la Vega a-whooopdi…  It’s got the dot com vibe, thank you Broowaha (<my blog about it) for supporting the cause. That’s a favorite publication I write for. Tony Berkman and Angie Alaniz are the hip owners, and well I think Tony was right on when he said we writers with books all need a dot com.

Red Palm trees on fire from the sun setting over a hot summer L.A. night. That’s my blog page here at WordPress, which I love by the way. My dot com is a godaddy 5 page freebee that came with the domain name and I already had the WordPress blog so I just hyper-linked my virginal white linen paged WordPress blog to the godaddy dot com and voila! But GASP! It was an absolute design MUST that I switch my WordPress theme to BLACK and for the header. It’s punk rawk now, and it’s a link from the dot com . The official website, I’m big now, huh? Where it really is, all about me. hee hee.

It’s Publishers’ Greed, Not E-Books, That’s Pinching Authors

09/28/2010 by Jim Naureckas

Jeffrey Trachtenberg, writing for the Wall Street Journal (9/28/10), reports in “Authors Feel Pinch in Age of E-Books” that electronic publishing is ruining authors:

It has always been tough for literary fiction writers to get their work published by the top publishing houses. But the digital revolution that is disrupting the economic model of the book industry is having an outsize impact on the careers of literary writers.

Priced much lower than hardcovers, many e-books generate less income for publishers. And big retailers are buying fewer titles. As a result, the publishers who nurtured generations of America’s top literary-fiction writers are approving fewer book deals and signing fewer new writers. Most of those getting published are receiving smaller advances.

Trachtenberg gives us what he presents as the economic realities–as usual in such articles, reality as viewed by the big publishing houses:

The new economics of the e-book make the author’s quandary painfully clear: A new $28 hardcover book returns half, or $14, to the publisher, and 15 percent, or $4.20, to the author. Under many e-book deals currently, a digital book sells for $12.99, returning 70 percent, or $9.09, to the publisher and typically 25 percent of that, or $2.27, to the author.

The upshot: From an e-book sale, an author makes a little more than half what he or she makes from a hardcover sale.

Left out of this, of course, is the publisher’s investment in each book–which is obviously much lower with an electronic copy that doesn’t require printing, storage or shipping. According to the New York Times‘ calculations (FAIR Blog, 3/2/10)–which are based on a $26 hardcover rather than $28–the net profit on each hardcover copy is $4.05; the net profit on a $12.99 e-book, if you use the Journal‘s royalty figure, is $5.54–or $1.49 more profit than with hardcover publishing.

Suppose royalty rates were increased so that publishers made the same profit on an e-book as on a hardcover book. That would give the  author $3.77 per e-book sold, as opposed to (by the Times‘ reckoning) $3.90 for a hardcover sale.  As the law of supply and demand will tell you that it’s possible to sell a lot more copies at $12.99 than at $26 or $28, it’s clear that authors could maintain or increase their standard of living in a digital world–if publishers weren’t intent on grabbing a bigger slice of the pie.

Update: See also James Ledbetter’s take on this in Slate (9/28/10), “The Journal Asks Us to Weep for Literary Novelists.”

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Persephone’s Prophecies: Poet’s October 2010 Horoscope

Miss Ashley Gallup

Welcome to Persephone’s Prophecies for
Poets, Writers and Artists
A new Monthly Post. Ashley Gallup is one very magical girl and we are divinely blessed to have her predictions calm our writers angst… it helps to know what happening in the Cosmos!
Read More about Ashley…

Persephone’s Prophecies


Get out your highlighters, whiteout and that red correcting pen. Now is a time for you to pay attention to detail. Go over your work and edit or put the finishing touches on it. You may be dealing with deadlines and pressure that you are not used to. Don’t worry, if you put the hard work in, you will be rewarded with recognition. There’s a good chance of you meeting some influential people who can help you succeed around the 23rd.

Mercury, your ruler, is moving fast this month!! This is a good thing as it means you will be moving fast with it. Mercury is also the ruler of writing and communication. When Mercury goes into the 5th house on the 3rd, your creativity will be off the chain!! Be ready for some good times and a sparkling fresh ideas to enter your life. The Sun and Saturn will also be in you 5th house of creativity, giving you the practicality, work ethic, and optimism you need to really be productive.
The spotlight will be on you this month and your charm will earn you much admiration  from everyone you come across.  When Mercury joins Venus and Mars in your 5th house of creativity on the 20th, you will have inspiration, drive, eloquence, and romance behind your writing.  It would be a good time to share your work publicly. Earlier in the month, you may be focused on some home or family issues. Let your imagination give you a resourceful solution.
Now is a great time for you to make those phone calls, promote your work, and network with people to get published or get recognition for it. Reach out to other writers that you know and collaborate. You may need to focus your energy on assessing your home situation, moving out, or finding a new roommate. Toward the end of the month, after the 27th, your creativity and ambition will return to you.
You got money on the brain right now and it ain’t lookin’ so good. Don’t let it preoccupy your mind to the point that you can’t concentrate on anything else. Mercury, your ruler is moving fast this month so be sure to record all of your thoughts on paper because your mind will certainly be active. The best part of the month will be after the 20th when Mercury, Venus and Mars will be in your 3rd house of communication. Networking will be met with reward this month. In fact, you will be surprised at how complete strangers or distant acquaintances can help your career now.
Happy birthday month!!! Although this is a very active month for you with the Sun, Saturn and Mercury in your 1st house, inspiration will meet its peak on the 8th with the new moon in Libra. This is a perfect time for you put your energy into figuring out what you want for the year ahead of you. It really is a time to look inward and evolve and allow your writing to evolve with you. If there are habits or comfortable formulas that you use to fall back on, you may find that they no longer fit in with your body of work. Leave them behind and start anew.
This is a great time for you to delve into the depths of your imagination or take a spiritual approach to writing. Mentally you will feel withdrawn from the world and encompassed in another one. At the same time you have Mars and Venus in your 1st house, so you will still have motivation to take action and be productive. Socially and romantically, you will be charming and irresistible this month. Now is really the time to take advantage of all the positivity surrounding you. because the stars are aligned your favor. Your natural talent will really be thriving this month.
Socially, you may feel a little withdrawn this month. It will be a month full of concentration and sitting at your desk to focus on what you’re creating. You will feel more dedicated and determined to get your work done and carry out your long-term goals. You can see that they are not so far out of reach and you feel that anyone anything that is not relevant to that is a waste of your time. Your Mars and Venus are in the 12th house, giving you a behind the scenes approach to your work. When Mars moves into your own sign, on the 27th, you will finally be able to showcase all your hard work and move forward.
Capricorn This is a great time for you to meet new people who can help you advance your career. Right now, you are writing for a purpose, and the purpose is to promote yourself. Hard work, revision, and dedication are the keys to put you at the top of your game. You already have the talent and experience that you need. Keep your long term goals as inspiration, and you will see that your dreams are actually quite possible.
If you’re trying to gain the favor of someone who you respect this month, you may not have to try very hard. Perhaps it will be a fellow writer that you admire and get inspiration from or it may be your superiors at work. Your focus will be on broadening your horizons for self-improvement purposes. Now may be the time to read, travel, or take a class that you have always wanted to take. You will certainly not find inspiration sitting at home at your desk. So get out there and let the universe show you things that you have never seen before.

This would be a great time for you to get inspiration from other writers, artists, or spiritual people. Or, you can take a trip somewhere you’ve never been before and learn something new. When Venus goes retrograde on the 8th, you may be thinking a lot about an old love interest and wondering what went wrong. If you broaden your horizons a little you may find that you have a new outlook on life and  love. Spread the love through self-expression and write something inspirational.

Persephone’s Prophecies OCTOBER 2010 Horoscope (general forecasts)

The Musical Education of Our Very Young

From  the original article at Broowaha

If you want your child to learn, clap your hands….

Have you ever marveled at the ability of our young ones to sing along perfectly, the lyrics of a song they had no instruction or assignment to learn? It’s a natural ability to memorize the words of a favorite pop song, albeit by repetition, however it is a perfect case study that when presented in the form of music, they are willing and even enthusiastic to learn by committing to memory a dialogue or word grouping written by another.

Many schools across the country have cut their budgets considerably to include subjects once viewed as necessary, such as art and music. The values in a musical education are many, for instance, researchers have found a correlation between music and the development of children’s mental abilities. Studies prove that listening to music at a young age helps a child do better in math and science. Music has a powerful and positive influence on the brain. Music promotes connective ability. It isn’t just a means of recreation. It increases brainpower.

Moreover, other than an appreciation for rhythm, measurement, proportion, and pattern perception are some of the positive affects of music education.

This in itself is the power of music, and the proof of the value of music in the educational system. As math is a necessity according to taxpayers, not every student aspires a future career as a bookkeeper. This is not to suggest math is unnecessary in the curriculum, it is extremely important in the steps of basic problem solving. But in the basic steps of learning, music has an equal importance whether or not a future career in music is desired. Music can fine tune the connections needed to absorb and comprehend overall.

Children pay close attention to the words of songs and love to join in. This helps increase their ability to listen and learn. Musical instruments add to the pleasure while teaching children a sense of rhythm.

There is a correlation between early language skills and music. Certainly we all have observed how young children love music. They dance naturally, and hum or sing along. In preschool and kindergarten, children quickly learn the words to the songs. They sing along, clap in time to the music and thoroughly enjoy this portion of this day. They don’t realize they are learning. Martin Gardiner at the Center for the Study of Human Development at Brown University reported a connection between early language skills and musical ability.

Children as young as three can remember words to songs they’ve heard repeated. This is a great contribution to their ability to retain information. It expands their memories. There is so much more music adds to children’s lives. What are they? According to the experts in education musical studies help children to develop independent work habits.

Researchers have found that when musical education is included in schools, scores in math, science and language arts increase. Another study on children from disadvantaged families found the children improved their test scores when given musical education.

With all the facts combined, it’s a wonder that school administrators and parents don’t rally for music education. Of course, the expense to offer an effective program is a consideration, as it would require a skilled instructor who himself must be well educated in music, as well as adept in playing an instrument. Music appreciation is only one necessity of musical education, as not only teaching them to enjoy music is of importance, but also to play music is of a great importance. And since musical education is now a private endeavor amongst families, it puts the overall accessibility into a whole other bracket. Low-income families are at a severe disadvantage in this regard. Music education becomes an advantage and a program for the elite, whereas all children need access to music education.

What is it we can do?

We can speak up at school board meetings. Write the Department of Education and present the facts already known. Teachers, school boards and parents alike should put their minds together and come up with creative solutions to budget problems. A school drive or campaign for donated musical instruments is another way. Instead of cutting music programs altogether, once a week is of value in comparison to no musical education whatsoever.

Overall, the value of music in the lives of our children is one that should not, by any means, be overlooked. The scholastic benefits are obvious and proven, and the beauty of music enhanced with appreciation is invaluable.

photo credit: Lisa Eastman

City Lights Wants Your Howl Book Trailer

City Lights Wants Your Howl Book Trailer

Read more from G&A: The Contest Blog
A blog from: Poets & Writers Magazine
Posted by Prize Reporter on 9.08.10

As the release date approaches for the Allen Ginsberg biopic Howl, the poet’s publisher, City Lights Books, is calling all “angelheaded hipsters” to submit their own trailers for the “notorious epic poem” that lends the film its name. The winner of the video contest will receive a movie poster, a Howl T-shirt, a “Howl if You Heart City Lights” bumper sticker, and a copy of Howl on Trial, the story of the 1957 obscenity trial that called into question the book’s literary value.  Select trailers, which must be under ninety seconds long, will be posted on the City Lights YouTube page, and the winning work will also appear on Facebook. Entries are due on September 24, the major city release date for the film. More information about how to enter via e-mail is available on the City Lights Facebook page.