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WORDBEAT for Poets and Jazzsters

WORDBEAT ☛ Poetry & Jazz Joint Open mike hosted by Poet Yvonne de la Vega and John Drew Barrymore. LISTENERS REGISTER TO BE SEEN IN THE CHATLOUNGE. Unregistered guests can’t interact. AWE 😦 Poets and Listeners in the WordBeat chatLounge mingle, network, listen and call in to lay out some spoken word over some choice jazz tracks played by Ms de la Vega, who also spins out some Poetry & Jazz greats such as The Last Poets, UFO and Gil Scot, as well as favorite recorded works by her fellow poets like Rich Fergesun, Quiet Storm, Mike The Poet and her own works.The open mike sessions are fun and always all inclusive, artistically challenging and spiritually rewarding for both poet and listener. The poetry is always good and the jazz always stellar. Newcomers are always welcome. Lots of Love to go ’round.