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Book Preview


Forword by Ray Manzarek        Afterword by Yvonne de la Vega

The Dedication      View The Table of Contents

Part One – LIFE


The book cover and sneak peak at the blurbs

Yvonne de la Vega’s body of work is compiled in her first book, due out this month. The book’s Forword is a wonderful contribution by Ray Manzarek of The Doors. An Author himself, the introduction is a beautifully written piece of prose that is an ode to Jim Morrison’s “City of Night”, as well as a promise that all who read Yvonne are in for “a hell of a good time.”

Ray’s apparent love for LA. is that common thread that runs through every LA Poet from Bukowski to Morrison, and he honors de la Vega’s work from that familiarity of the city they’ve both shared a lifetime in.   Ray muses that,  “Yvonne is the lucky little lady in the lights.” Below, is a navigation map to more of the Book Preview.


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  1. Awesome work, I love you … Your biggest fan..

    Thank you Blaise, I love you…
    and likewise baby, I am your biggest fan.
    Mom ❤

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