This is a work in Progress Okay? There is so much more to list here!

-Yvonne de la Vega


by Blaise Smith

Burden Cover Art

From Lummox Press Click this picture and it’ll take you to a beautiful and moving shameless plug

But I’ll tell you what Rick Smith is a real good poet. Give it a listen and leave a comment please.

Another great voice in the city and soul sister-mate of mine. Ellyn Maybe. We share the same Birthday. I play Ellen a lot on WordBeat.

Her album Rodeo for The Sheepish is stellar and does not get a shameless plug. But if you pick up her record, you won’t be sorry. That’s all I’m saying. But let me tell you, I never, ever, on my shows on WordBeat, I never ever do NOT play Ellyn Maybe around 5 times a show. And we’re talking about 1 record. That’s 5 tracks. I’d play them all but there’s not enough time.

“Reading Ellyn’s poems from the page is one thing but hearing her read them just the way she meant them to be heard is something else altogether. Ellyn has a great sense of humor and reads wonderfully. The musical accompaniment on the album is not mere background filler but a true collaborative effort between Ellyn and the musicians that really works. Ellyn is a very gifted writer and a true gem.” – Henry Rollins

Zane Musa

For the -core jazz ears. Baby, you gotta know you’re jazz to fully appreciate Zane.  He’s phenomenal. He’s one of the Young Lions, called that by his teacher Charlie Haden at Cal-Arts.

The Young Lions are keeping be-bop  ALIVE  Zanes voice is so beautiful that even if you don’t know much about jazz, you’ll appreciate gettin’ schooled like this.

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