Perfect coffee table book and after coffee book too! David Maxwell (pictured) recommends reading this book as a supplement for regularity.

Here we go… “Hey! forget about me, let’s talk about me.”  Yet another great shortcut and way to tell you about me, Yvonne de la Vega, without my having to go there, because it always feels convicting to talk about myself and even if the haters don’t pay my rent, I still have a need to be loved, I don’t like being hated, I’m a Cancer woman and boy are we unnecessarily sensitive.  ‘ So… I’ve posted here, the blurbs’ from the back of my epic book of rants, laments and expletives in divinity, tucked beneath my poetic license.  The blurbs are written by some of the most amazing folk I have been blessed to call my friends and peers. “Tomorrow Yvonne – Poetry & Prose for Suicidal Egotists” (Punk Hostage Press)  Again, thanks for visiting


– Yvonne

(Poetry books: much ado about nothin’ until time to pay rent)


Robert Graves
“There’s no money in poetry, but there’s no poetry in money, either.” -Sir Robert Graves 




Yvonne de la Vega is our steampunk poet laureate, mixing not only the classic and the contemporary in poetic tradition and personal expression but doing it in her uniquely original way hqdefault-1. There is no one in the world of poetry quite like her, or the world of anything for that matter. – Michael Lally poet




maxresdefault“When I first met Yvonne de la Vega, in her beret and combat boots on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall, she conjured the image of a modern-day Angela Davis.  Her passion for activism is evident not only in her life, but in her writing.” Lauren Windsor – Executive Producer of Lady Libertine and The Undercurrent

Yvonne de la Vega is the high priestess of LA poetry. She is a powerful, sensual force making poetry that is religion with heat. Her new collection of writing is infused with her jazz and revelation. Brandstein2-401x370

These are songs celebrating past lives of love and sorrow set in the hills and canyons and streets of Los Angeles.  – Eve Brandstein Poet, Producer of “Poetry in Motion LA since 1988”. 




“Yvonne de la Vega is elegant, wise, urgent, and unforgiving all at once. Those of us lucky enough to have heard her read, we enjoy her writing enhanced by the dreamy sound of her gorgeous voice in our minds reciting it to us while her attractive words and phrases seduce our curiosity in a way that makes it hard to stop reading once we begin. Careful, you may do the whole book in one sitting. hqdefault Poetry & Prose for Suicidal Egotists is a masterpiece, the sum of a lifetime of passion, observation, study and practice at the helm of the Los Angeles poetry scene.”  – Shock G (of digital underground)



263638_196541513730582_179485858769481_580239_7581658_n“An ancient homegirl roaming the planetary streets with a poetic glint in her dark eyes, Yvonne takes detailed notes, collecting strange and exotic names…she is as tender as salted butter and elegant as a sleeping jaguar but this girl can drop bombs on the unsuspecting…she is the classic siren who woos sailors into her waters with her sultry and curvy voice only to have them crash and drown– AND she is the modern siren of the fire engine speeding down a city avenue to put out an apartment inferno to save a cat and an oblivious old man…Yvonne de la Vega is the finest and most naturally-talented paradox expressing the strong weakness in all of us…” Milo Martin, Californian poet, author of “Poems for the Utopian Nihilist.”



Yvonne is a terrific poet with a unique voice. Her writing cuts right to the bone; a great example of eloquence with an edge. It’s been a pleasure to know her these many years and an honor to be considered one of her peers. Her outlook of “Life is shortcuts’, is powerful and one of originality and humor Yvonne de la Vega has ultimately inspired a great many people in this town and the world over. John Blythe Barrymore III

Whether contemplating life, death, love, war or hope, Yvonne de la Vega pulls no punches. Her poems go toe to toe with the beauty and brutality of reality and memory, and come out victorious every time.rich3-1

Her vibrancy, her creativity and insights are strong enough to carry the living and the dead, the hopeful and the hopeless.  The wealth of her poems and human spirit continually remind me that while great suffering and loss exist in the world, there is also great passion and joy.  Rich Ferguson, L.A. poet/spoken word artist/educator 

in every poem: moving from Ray Manzarek to punk rock,Ann Sexton to Anais Nin simultaneously representing her Filipina ancestry, close family and the Occupymovement. Her zest for life can be felt in every line.”  Mike the PoeT aka Mike Sonksen, Spoken Word Artist, Tour guide, Educator, Journalist, Historian



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