Other Than Being a Moral & Human American Debacle the War in Iraq was a Booming Success and a Real Hoot

Scene: Enough

Iraq war

mission accomplished

Like millions of Americans in the summer of 2002 when assorted flaks for the Bush administration began to howl and bark at Saddam Hussein in preparation for an eventual decision to invade Iraq, I wondered what dark orifice or remotest left field this was pulled from.

But the Bush administration had its reasons: making a post-9/11 display, and I emphasize the word display, of American willingness to deploy American military might if looked at sideways anywhere in the world; to pump up hapless Dubya Bush’s sagging poll numbers which were slumping back to their pre-9/11 pre-Afghanistan levels and to give a long-lasting steroidal boost to Republican foreign policy credentials; to retaliate for the foiled Iraq assassination plot launched against the daddy, George H. W. Bush; and with some mad, very, very badly thought out premise to enhance the security of Israel.

Of course if the actual reasons had been…

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