Some of L.A.’s finest writers have come together to form Punk Hostage Press, delivering to you extremely progressive, underground literature and vivid poetry in the romantic but dangerous tradition of the Beats and Bukowski. They have already convened a killer line-up of some of the punk era survivor’s most cutting edge writers, like founders Iris Berry and A Razor, along with Yvonne De La Vega, and Danny Baker, who all will be imminently releasing books by this forward-leaning new publishing company. Iris is a hypnotic, old-school, Hollywood punk rocker, perhaps best known for her notorious L.A. bands, the Lame Flames and the Ringling Sisters, but she is also a movie actress, a community organizer, and an intensely gifted writer. Most recently, she was featured in the glossy coffee-table literary mag, “Slake”, interviewing “L.A. Free Press” founder, Art Kunkin. Her essential book, “Daughters Of Bastards” is a cinematic mixture of autobiographical…

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