Full Body Naked Scanner

Poem in response to report:
– Pilot walks off job after refusing to go through full body X-ray scanner at airport By Daily Mail Reporter

this is what your body looks like when on check        ewe.

Full Body Naked Scanner

by Yvonne de la Vega

A Samurai,
Neil Armstrong
a Jedi Knight
and Tony Robbins

were all directed
toward the gate each
ordered to step
through the
naked body scan
strip his self of every
before he entered to
grasp the steering wheel
of one thousand lives

the lives of his family
his ancestry
his indigene
the lives of countrymen
country women
children and diplomats.
the lives of a graduating class on their
study of the Nation’s Capitol
the life of a mother
her carry-on
of unconditional love
a beautiful daughter in
all of her romantic sighs
a beloved son
in his life’s journey’s start.

The lofty attendant in airport security.

Iron gilded in silver and nano
shadows of bureaucratic disrespect
lofty attendants
collecting Bic lighters
and eyeballing fluid ounces
have the sway of a social worker
meets rent a cop
today they have the power
tonight they serve
that enchilada casserole
they made once and 
now every Thursday
the monotony like
the sound of a metronome
a loud second hand
a casserole pan
a Sam I am
in the frying pan
a ringing phone
a television
and the smell of
that enchilada casserole.

Our lifetime achieving
heroic statures of
our good and our gallant

A Samurai
Neil Armstrong
a Jedi Knight
and Tony Robbins.

the lives they must host
in their hands and in their emails
in their hands and in their care
as they propel across the skies

heaven to heaven
to the throne of God
and back
taking the dreamers
to thier destinies
as destinations web across imaginations
such wondrous possibilities abound
due to the diligence
in honor and in
ultimate responsibility

the arena is waiting for them to strip

The Samurai’s face says nothing

Neil, searches for his flight pass

Skywalker calculates.
the force of course
is with him as he calculates
what effect the scanner may have
upon his light saber
that he will not
must never
lay vulnerable.

and Tony
smiles understandingly
the affirmations
the affirmations
the absolute positive affirmations


the Samurai
is ordered by the attendants to proceed in his gallantry and heroics but only after the naked scanner body search


the attendants were all beheaded.


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