Yvonne de la Vega dot com uh huh

I believe you need one. Everyone needs a dot com. I mean us, the writers. We have books, events and …needs.  And a dot com is one of them.

Granted, I do feel more at ease over here at my “WordPress blurb blog”. The page is white, the header is a quiet forest green. The hearts are bulbous and a light fairy blue. My “WordPress blog blog”  is a different sight than this one here, where I list all the different news articles or events I come across to share.

My dot com is laid out in satin black pages. I am a naked torso,  haunted by a naked Jim Morrison as Ray Manzarek watches, jeering and cheering us on. I am a naked torso looking out into the world with pleading eyes that say, “So, are you hip to poetry …boy?” Well then handsome…  sit right down right here next to Yvonne de la Vega,  and let me tell you about my new book.

Satin black pages with big red glowing Chopin Script font in a swoosh that reads Yvonnnnne de la Vega a-whooopdi…  It’s got the dot com vibe, thank you Broowaha (<my blog about it) for supporting the cause. That’s a favorite publication I write for. Tony Berkman and Angie Alaniz are the hip owners, and well I think Tony was right on when he said we writers with books all need a dot com.

Red Palm trees on fire from the sun setting over a hot summer L.A. night. That’s my blog page here at WordPress, which I love by the way. My dot com is a godaddy 5 page freebee that came with the domain name and I already had the WordPress blog so I just hyper-linked my virginal white linen paged WordPress blog to the godaddy dot com and voila! But GASP! It was an absolute design MUST that I switch my WordPress theme to BLACK and for the header. It’s punk rawk now, and it’s a link from the dot com . The official website, I’m big now, huh?

YvonnedelaVega.com Where it really is, all about me. hee hee.



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