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Persephone’s Prophecies


Get out your highlighters, whiteout and that red correcting pen. Now is a time for you to pay attention to detail. Go over your work and edit or put the finishing touches on it. You may be dealing with deadlines and pressure that you are not used to. Don’t worry, if you put the hard work in, you will be rewarded with recognition. There’s a good chance of you meeting some influential people who can help you succeed around the 23rd.

Mercury, your ruler, is moving fast this month!! This is a good thing as it means you will be moving fast with it. Mercury is also the ruler of writing and communication. When Mercury goes into the 5th house on the 3rd, your creativity will be off the chain!! Be ready for some good times and a sparkling fresh ideas to enter your life. The Sun and Saturn will also be in you 5th house of creativity, giving you the practicality, work ethic, and optimism you need to really be productive.
The spotlight will be on you this month and your charm will earn you much admiration  from everyone you come across.  When Mercury joins Venus and Mars in your 5th house of creativity on the 20th, you will have inspiration, drive, eloquence, and romance behind your writing.  It would be a good time to share your work publicly. Earlier in the month, you may be focused on some home or family issues. Let your imagination give you a resourceful solution.
Now is a great time for you to make those phone calls, promote your work, and network with people to get published or get recognition for it. Reach out to other writers that you know and collaborate. You may need to focus your energy on assessing your home situation, moving out, or finding a new roommate. Toward the end of the month, after the 27th, your creativity and ambition will return to you.
You got money on the brain right now and it ain’t lookin’ so good. Don’t let it preoccupy your mind to the point that you can’t concentrate on anything else. Mercury, your ruler is moving fast this month so be sure to record all of your thoughts on paper because your mind will certainly be active. The best part of the month will be after the 20th when Mercury, Venus and Mars will be in your 3rd house of communication. Networking will be met with reward this month. In fact, you will be surprised at how complete strangers or distant acquaintances can help your career now.
Happy birthday month!!! Although this is a very active month for you with the Sun, Saturn and Mercury in your 1st house, inspiration will meet its peak on the 8th with the new moon in Libra. This is a perfect time for you put your energy into figuring out what you want for the year ahead of you. It really is a time to look inward and evolve and allow your writing to evolve with you. If there are habits or comfortable formulas that you use to fall back on, you may find that they no longer fit in with your body of work. Leave them behind and start anew.
This is a great time for you to delve into the depths of your imagination or take a spiritual approach to writing. Mentally you will feel withdrawn from the world and encompassed in another one. At the same time you have Mars and Venus in your 1st house, so you will still have motivation to take action and be productive. Socially and romantically, you will be charming and irresistible this month. Now is really the time to take advantage of all the positivity surrounding you. because the stars are aligned your favor. Your natural talent will really be thriving this month.
Socially, you may feel a little withdrawn this month. It will be a month full of concentration and sitting at your desk to focus on what you’re creating. You will feel more dedicated and determined to get your work done and carry out your long-term goals. You can see that they are not so far out of reach and you feel that anyone anything that is not relevant to that is a waste of your time. Your Mars and Venus are in the 12th house, giving you a behind the scenes approach to your work. When Mars moves into your own sign, on the 27th, you will finally be able to showcase all your hard work and move forward.
Capricorn This is a great time for you to meet new people who can help you advance your career. Right now, you are writing for a purpose, and the purpose is to promote yourself. Hard work, revision, and dedication are the keys to put you at the top of your game. You already have the talent and experience that you need. Keep your long term goals as inspiration, and you will see that your dreams are actually quite possible.
If you’re trying to gain the favor of someone who you respect this month, you may not have to try very hard. Perhaps it will be a fellow writer that you admire and get inspiration from or it may be your superiors at work. Your focus will be on broadening your horizons for self-improvement purposes. Now may be the time to read, travel, or take a class that you have always wanted to take. You will certainly not find inspiration sitting at home at your desk. So get out there and let the universe show you things that you have never seen before.

This would be a great time for you to get inspiration from other writers, artists, or spiritual people. Or, you can take a trip somewhere you’ve never been before and learn something new. When Venus goes retrograde on the 8th, you may be thinking a lot about an old love interest and wondering what went wrong. If you broaden your horizons a little you may find that you have a new outlook on life and  love. Spread the love through self-expression and write something inspirational.

Persephone’s Prophecies OCTOBER 2010 Horoscope (general forecasts)


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I'm Yvonne de la Vega and I love everyone.

4 responses »

  1. carrie white says:

    Right on little Vega… said moi the Virgo… and I love your mom…we read every Tuesday @ the Largo and she read for me my Poetry Sunday Nights at Lulu’s Alibi…
    My book Upper Cut will released Fall 2011.
    You and your family will be invited to my best book party~~~;))
    (there will be a few~!!!) You are beautiful. Best Thoughts Carrie White

  2. Bianca Smith says:

    Wow Ashley you’re so good! You’re right on target – it’s all true!!

  3. Bianca Smith says:

    oh wait thats october. Hahahaaaa

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