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A Rainy night with Leonard and Joni

a daily to monthly music column


I put out a 911 to the poets of Everland yesterday.

I was like….  cckkk..

…Calling all LA poetS

ckk.. OVER.  and well, Eve was on a 2nd glass of wine and was enjoying the chat I made her get on. I was going to show her how to, sign on, set up and start writing here. But, she was not gonna make it last night. I heard it, she was doing bills any way.

So – MJ Tayor writes inbox and says, “I don’t live in LA, but if there’s any thing I can do to help. .. .” I thought, oh good!  Not only is a great writer, he’s a young writer and he’s not going to stop writing for anything for at least another 20 years… and he’s offering to help. He was like “I don’t know what I can do from here.”

Then I recalled a post I ‘d seen a couple of weeks back. MJ Taylor mentioning Bob Dylan on the road with Elvis Costello. I dropped in on that one and said “You’re kidding!”

WOW. I’d love to collect the cocktail napkins from THAT afterparty – those a two of the greatest poets of our generation, add Joni Mitchell and it’s over!!

MJ threw in a whole bunch of other names. I thought really?  hmm..   I’m a snob – I know who they are , But I tell you. MJ threw out some names that made me think… this guy really loves poetry too. He listens to lyrics and has that same decipher.

I’m picky.  Joni Mitchell, Elvis, Bob. I’m talking about poetry.  Not great songwriting like Billy Joel or Carol King. Barry Manilow. They’re  great formula writers.  I meant poets.

I have always wanted to point out to others the great poetry hidden in the melodic of popular music.

And now – we can do that here. MJ’s first pick was perfect. He’s such a good writer.

Most of all, the brevity in which he presented Joni. He’s so perfect for a column like this.

I though it would be great to have a column where we can salute those poets “working the star- maker machinery behind the popular song”

Painting, “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell

So straight out of Colorado…

BOTH SIDES NOW  by MJ Taylor –

a daily to monthly music column.



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